Ancient Civilizations Forum in Athens

The first Ministerial Conference of the states of the “Ancient Civilizations Forum” (ACForum, more widely known as the GC10) will take place in Athens on 24 April 2017, with the participation of the ten countries that comprise this specific initiative. This meeting will mark the official establishment of the Forum and will take place at the joint invitation of Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi.

The holding of the upcoming Conference, with the participation -in addition to Greece– of China, Bolivia, Egypt, India, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Mexico and Peru, is a cultural initiative among countries from different geographical regions that are cradles of ancient civilizations.

Through shaping a broad and multifaceted positive agenda of joint actions of the ten states, the Ancient Civilizations Forum aims to transform culture into a source of soft power and a fundamental tool of a modern and multidimensional foreign policy.

Another aim of the Forum is to highlight the international cultural cooperation as a factor for economic development.

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