Harvard University: Fellowships in Hellenic Studies 2018-19

Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies  (CHS) offers fellowship opportunities for the 2018-19 academic year. All fellows receive appointments for one year, beginning in July, and receive full access to the resources of the Harvard library system for the duration of their fellowship.

Fellowship awards may also include:

  • financial support up to $18,000;
  • housing at the CHS in Washington, DC for up to 16 weeks during the fall (August 29, 2018-December 19, 2018) or spring (January 30, 2019-May 22, 2019) terms;
  • subsidized health insurance; and
  • travel support.

Application deadline: Sunday, October 29, 2017
Recommendation letter deadline: Friday, November 3, 2017

About the Program

The purpose of the fellowship program is to encourage and support research of the highest quality on topics related to ancient Greece or, more generally, Hellenism. This includes but is not limited to the study of Greek-speaking cultures and their influence on others – from those who inhabited the more immediate regions around the Mediterranean to more distant populations in Europe and Asia.

The proposed research may concern any aspect of Hellenism approached through any discipline including, but not limited to, area and ethnic studies, anthropology, archaeology, art history, education, history, literary criticism, the natural and physical sciences, philology, philosophy, political science, religious studies, sociology, as well as related subfields.

The fellowship program aims to develop and support a network of researchers, and places an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches that reflect the evolving nature of Hellenic studies. The program also seeks to foster interaction among researchers at various stages in their engagement with Hellenism who represent diverse social, educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds.

The program provides for flexibility in terms of residency at the CHS and levels of financial support. The fellowship program manager will work with successful candidates to determine the exact terms of their appointments.

Center for Hellenic Studies

Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies was founded in 1960. It was made possible by a grant of the Old Dominion Foundation, the predecessor of the Mellon Foundation. The land on which the Center was built was donated by Mrs. Marie Beale to the foundation, in memory of her son, Walker Blaine Beale, Harvard College class of 1918, who died in World War I.

The gift was made “exclusively for the establishment of an educational center in the field of Hellenic Studies designed to rediscover the humanism of the Hellenic Greeks.” The Center’s administration was entrusted to Harvard University.


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