Onassis Fellowship Program for International Scholars 2017-18

The Onassis Foundation announced the twenty-third (23rd) annual Fellowships Program for International Scholars starting on October 1st, 2017, addressed to non-Greek nationals, University Professors of all levels, Postdoctoral Researchers and Ph.D. Candidates.

The Program covers the following academic fields:

Α) Humanities:
 Philology, Literature, Linguistics, History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Educational Studies, Psychology

Β) Social Sciences: Political Science, Sociology, International and European Studies, Social Policy

C) Economics/Finance: Maritime Studies, Finance, Public Finance

D) Arts: (only Theoretic Studies, artists are not included): Art History, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Photography, Film Studies, New Media, Cultural management

The Program covers scholarly research in Greece only and in the fields stated above.

1. Eligible to participate are the following candidates:
a) Persons of non-Greek descent
b) Cypriot citizens are also eligible to apply for Category D and E fellowship only, provided they permanently reside and work outside Greece
c) Persons of Greek descent (second generation and on) are also eligible to apply for a fellowship or scholarship, provided they permanently reside and work abroad or currently study in foreign Universities
d) Category D and E also applies to Scholars of Greek descent or citizenship provided they have a professional academic career of at least ten (10) years in a University or Research Institute abroad
e) The above mentioned clarification (d) also applies to Ph.D. candidates of Greek descent or citizenship, who pursue post-graduate studies outside of Greece (Category C – please see below), have conducted their high school studies and have obtained a degree outside Greece and permanently reside outside Greece for more than fifteen (15) years

Applications no later than February 28, 2017

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