The Greek festivals accredited by “EFFE -Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe”

Since 2014 the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation has acted as a HUB for the EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe program.

The program launched as an initiative of the European Festival Association (EFA), with the support of the European Parliament. It is in essence a European Festivals’ platform, which offers the opportunity, within the EU, to acknowledge the hard work and the contribution of the festivals taking place in EU member states.

For the 2017-2018 EFFE-Europe for Festivals, Festival for Europe, the Greek Festival Hub Experts assessed the applications submitted, based on artistic commitment and innovative approaches, engagement with the local Society, as well as European and international perspectives criteria. Applications meeting the criteria were forwarded to the International Selection Committee, which evaluated and selected the festivals which were certified with the EFFE Label 2017 -2018.

For Greece, the EFFE Label recipient festivals are:

1. Greek Festival
2. Kalamata International Dance Festival
3. Athens International Film Festival
4. Aeschylia
5. Borderline Festival
7. Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora
9. Docfest-Chalkida Greek Documentary Festival
10. Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Youths
12. Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival
13. Moni Lazariston Festival
14. Be there! Corfu Animation Festival
15. Olympia Festival
16. Kassandra Festival
17. Break the Chain
18. Analogio Festival
19. Ardas Festival
20. Santorini Art Factory
21. Dance Days Chania International Dance Festival
22. “Diamantis Palaiologos” Traditional Dances Festival
23. Gyzi Hall Festival
24. Ierapetra International Documentary Festival
25. Lefkada International Folklore Festival
27. Olympus Festival
28. Attica Intra-municipal Festival of Amateur Theater
29. Festival at the Park – Paros
30. River Party
31. Marpissa Routes

The EFFE accreditation extends beyond a seal of acknowledgment. Accredited festivals are included in a widely distributed EFFE Festival Guide, featuring all the latest news and practical information on each Festival, guaranteeing increased visibility, viewers and new networking opportunities.

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