The Ionian University Summer School for Greek Language, History and Civilization

The Ionian University Summer School for Greek Language, History and Civilization is addressed to young people of Greek origin living in the Greek diaspora, between 18 and 30 years old, who are interested in the Greek language and Greek culture.

The Ionian University Summer School will take place at the Ionian University, based in Corfu. Its duration is three weeks, from 10th to 30th July 2017.

Courses will be taught from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 14.00. The total number of teaching hours is 20 hours per week and 60 hours in total of three weeks. Courses will be taught by specialized teachers, members of Ionian University and other collaborating staff. The program includes courses, cultural activities and excursions.

Greek language
Greek history
Greek folk dances
Greek folk and modern music

The cultural program includes:

  1. Lectures and workshops dedicated to a range of topics (e.g. ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary Greek history, ancient Greek and Byzantine art, contemporary Greek art, Greek music, and others).
  2. Excursions and guided tours in the old Corfu town (UNESCO monument). Among other places tours will take place at Ionian Boule, St Michael and St. George’s Palace (Museum of Asian Art), the Archeological Museum of Corfu, the Municipality Art Gallery, the Old and New Fortresses of Corfu, the Old Philharmonic Society of Corfu, the Reading Society of Corfu, Folk Museums,.
  3. Three one-day excursions with professional guides: a) in Paleokastritsa (Theotokos Monastery), Angelocastro (Byzantine monument), the National Art Gallery – Corfu branch (Kato Korakiana), and a Koum-Kouat factory, b) the Environmental Educational Centre in Lefkimi, Achilleion, and Kynopiastes folk museum, c) Ioannina (Castle, Lake island, Wax Museum Pavlos Vrellis, Silver and Gold Manufacture Museum, Ancient Dodoni Theatre and Museum).
  4. There will be an optional free attendance of a series of concerts organized by Ionian University that will take place at Ionian Academy and other venues, during July (Ionian Summer Music Academy, Corfu Festival/ Ionian Concerts), as well as other concerts and performances organized by the Municipality of Corfu.


  1. During the welcoming day, a provisional ranking test will classify students in three levels at most (beginner, middle and advanced).
  2. After the completion of the Summer School, students will receive a certificate of studies according to their performance. Students that will be absent for more than 1/3 of the courses will not get a certificate.
  3. The courses include listening, writing, and understanding of oral and written language, as well as the comprehensive understanding of Greek history and Greek civilization.
  4. In the newly-built library of Ionian University, next to the building where lessons will take place, students are able to find a rich selection of dictionaries and language support books and internet resources, as well as books dedicated to the History and Civilization of Greece.
  5. Accommodation is provided in the Ionian University Dormitories/ Hall of Residence in double or triple rooms (roomates will be selected according to the same gander and similar age group).
  6. Most afternoons will be free for students to develop their genuine Greek communication skills through attractive activities (e.g. swimming, sightseeing, naval sports, music and artistic hobbies).
  7. Ionian University will provide insurance in case of accident only. Travel insurance is recommended to be arrnaged by the participants.
  8. The cost per person for a group of 30 students is 1300 Euros per student. For a group of 20 students is 2000 Euros per student.
  9. There will be priority list in the bookings. The place of each participant is secured only with the advance payment of 50% of the amount of the fee. The balance must be paid two weeks before the start of the Summer School.
  10. Please send your registration by the 30th April 2017, final day for applications.


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